Our Firm

When we decided to create Marshall Suzuki Law Group, LLP (“MSLG”), we were determined to create an innovative law practice model that would challenge some of the old outdated assumptions about how a law firm had to be organized in order to function successfully. We definitely wanted to break down any barrier to the development of close, long-term, and mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients. However, equally important to us was the desire to eliminate anything that stood in the way of our being able to offer to each individual in our group a working environment sensitive to, and supportive of, his or her personal and professional goals. Another important goal was the ongoing development of our ability to contribute in a positive way to the improvement of the legal profession, the quality of human relations, and the world we all share.

Nearly ten years later, the old rigid hierarchical law firm organization style is nowhere to be seen at MSLG. Although each of us employs his/her own unique set of experiences, skills and substantive areas of knowledge in serving our clients, we view ourselves as a team. Each individual's contributions and opinions are valuable to us. We strive every day to eliminate the arrogance of position that permeates some other law firms because we know that, without the conscientious and diligent efforts of every member of our group, we would be unable to function as well as we do. Likewise, each individual at MSLG is encouraged to pursue his or her personal and professional goals and, with that concept in mind, the barrier of inflexible compartmentalization has been eliminated. Our original plan of innovation has succeeded far beyond our expectations and the high level of success and client satisfaction that we have achieved is the result of that creative approach.

One of our goals has always been to understand our clients' businesses as deeply as possible. Because we value so highly long-term relationships with our clients, we make a particular effort to help them reduce or eliminate risk and to structure present business decisions with future eventualities in mind. Only with a deep understanding of our client's structures, business and goals could we accomplish those goals as well as we do.

We know, as does every law firm, that clients value and require cost-effectiveness. However, while every reputable firm, including MSLG, seeks to meet that need by eliminating or writing off duplication in staff time, keeping hourly billing rates as low as possible, and so forth, MSLG places particular emphasis on cost management in every aspect of its daily operations. Although we are extremely well-equipped with professional and pleasant surroundings and all the necessary up to date technology and other resources that we and our clients require, our firm knows how to keep its overhead under control. If it did otherwise, our clients would, in some way, be paying for all the extras. Although a client at another law firm may not see separate invoice items for rare antiques, ridiculously expensive furniture, lavish entertaining and an army of inexperienced briefcase-toting associates, rest assured that he or she is paying for all that splendor.

Our global emphasis is one of the most critical components of the MSLG firm culture. From the beginning, we intended to create a firm that was ready and able to provide legal services to both domestic and foreign companies and individuals whose personal and business affairs carry them across borders and into diverse cultural and legal situations. "International" legal services are not an accidental sideline for us. They are an essential part of our firm character.

MSLG is keenly aware that it, and all of its members, are part of a larger community and co-tenants of this tiny planet that we all call home. Each of us strives to give back to the community in his or her own manner, to be a good and responsible citizen of the world, and, in doing so, to improve the human condition in some small way.